About us

From our base in Yukon, we create and operate low impact, effective equipment and systems for use in northern conditions.

Our technical ingenuity earned us the 2018 North Regional Innovation Award from Startup Canada, as well as a 2018 Arctic Innovation Award and Arctic Kicker Prize from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Our work has carried us throughout Canada’s North, Alaska and Siberia—where we’ve consulted or managed projects ranging from mining exploration to geotechnical engineering and environmental remediation.

Product Development

What we do

We are an agnostic innovation company. Great inventions can come from anyone; however, professionals often don’t look outside their specialty for inspiration. We bring our business and cross-disciplinary experience to bear by looking for market gaps, identifying missing pieces and designing a solution with a convincing value proposition that has sufficient competitive differentiation. We get the product to beta-prototype stage, test it and then license or sell the intellectual property to a company willing to take it to market.

Fire North

Fire North Inc. is our newly formed fire safety product distribution company. It selects advanced fire safety products for resale in the North. We also work with some of the manufacturers to develop the technology and test the products. We believe that northerners should have access to cutting edge proven fire protection given the nature of frequent boreal forest fires and the prevalence of wood stoves for heating.

Innovation Projects

Wildfire Technologies

In our development pipeline currently are systems to detect wildfires, software that can turn any camera into an early warning detection system for wildfires, and more.

Talon Ultra-Lightweight Drill System

Having drilled and sampled throughout Canada’s North, we learned first-hand the need for a light and effective drill system—so we developed our own. We licensed this to Whitehorse-based Quantum Machine Works Ltd. in 2018, and they are now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor.

Learn more about the Talon drill system ›

FrostLink sensor

FrostLink can provide instant notification of ground thaw or freeze. It can be deployed beneath buildings, along roads, pipelines or other infrastructure to monitor thaw and freeze in almost any location.

We partnered with BeadedStream to integrate our sensor into existing BeadedStream permafrost monitoring systems.

Learn more about FrostLink here ›

Talon Drill

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