Developed for permafrost research and mineral exploration. Ready for anything from rock wall stabilization and construction drilling to agricultural soil or sea ice sampling.

Talon Drill

The best tool for the job

  • Easy-to-use, lightweight, safe and simple
  • Field tested in harsh Arctic conditions
  • Customizable packages (Stand only, complete drill system, drill bits only, core barrels, etc.)

Made by experts

  • Made in Canada's Yukon by experienced drillers, engineers and machinists
  • Designed and made by Kryotek Arctic Innovation Inc., winners of the 2018 StartUp Canada North Region Innovation Award, and University of Alaska Fairbanks’ 2018 Arctic Innovation and Arctic Kicker prizes



  • Mast: 7 kg
  • Drill head: 10–15 kg
  • Tool kit: 2 kg
  • Drill rods: 2 kg/m

Easy to use

  • Learn to operate in a day
  • 1,200 kg of pull-back force
  • May be used with a wide variety of drill heads
  • Electric and gasoline power options
Talon Drill


Grab all of the details and specifications in this handy PDF document.

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